Dixon Valve and Coupling

Dixon Valve and Coupling was founded on March 21, 1916 by Howard W. Goodall.
Only attending school through the eighth grade, he was hired as an errand boy for a Philadelphia rubber distributor.

In 1906, along with a few other men, he a co-founded the Goodall Rubber Company just before World War 1.

Their first product was the rotary hose coupling, patented in December 1917. It is a high-pressured fitting that is used in oil drilling. This product was their largest selling item for fifteen years. The company went on to introduce the Dixon Driller, which was, and still is a monthly mailer to Dixon distributors.

Due to health issues, Howard W. Goodall sold the rubber company on January 4, 1924, just 5 short years before The Great Depression began.

He inspected couplings at the building of the Hoover Dam, and many of the Dixon products were used to build The Golden Gate Bridge.